Have You Heard About These Fun Things to Do in Hawaii?

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You get more enjoyment for your vacation buck with the enjoyment-filled hours you spend planning what you'll do while there. Nowhere is it more accurate than scheduling a trip to Hawaii, where there's more to do than most other places. From  Pearl Harbor tours and rainforest hikes to volcanic lava flows and colorful luaus, the list of interesting things to do is a long one. If you're visiting for the first time, it can be challenging deciding what to do and what to defer to future visits. For families with blasé teenagers, Hawaii vacations will liven up their attitudes. Put them nose to nose with a shark and watch.

In the Honolulu area, you'll want to walk Waikiki Beach and visit Diamond Head, and you can mix those in with plenty of pool and relaxation time. When you want to go a bit farther from the beaten path, try volcanoes and rainforests. If you're just learning your Hawaii trivia, Mauna Kea, the tallest volcano on the planet and dotted with observatories. Native Hawaiians consider it sacred ground. On the Big Island, you can see active lava flows that are some of the most unusual on earth. They're another thing that will get the attention of teenagers who are skeptical about sightseeing. You can hike to and from the spot.

Another fascinating only-in-Hawaii attraction is a seahorse farm that lets you hold one of the iconic creatures. The farm is dedicated to preserving the species and has more than 20 kinds that are being raised in captivity. It's a consciousness-raising tour that calls attention to the human-caused stress on the world's oceans and marine life. Another one-of-a-kind Hawaii attraction in Hawaii is an alien and UFO park. While it's not everyone's cup of tea, you can either take it seriously or quietly find humor in it. The founders were serious and part of a religious sect that believes life on earth descended from aliens.



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