The best places to travel alone in the United States

Traveling with friends or family is always fun, but come on! it's a lot of fun traveling alone. It is a way to recharge your batteries, learn about yourself, and ****n confidence and independence. It's also a great way to make sure you see the things you want to see and do what

Traveling with friends or family is always fun, but come on! it's a lot of fun traveling alone. It is a way to recharge your batteries, learn about yourself, and gain confidence and independence. It's also a great way to make sure you see the things you want to see and do what you want to do! Putting together your itinerary based only on your wants and needs is rewarding and fun, giving you space to improvise and change things along the way without worrying about someone else's approval or opinion.


When it comes to traveling alone, perhaps there is no better country in the world than the United States. From one radiant sea to another, America is such a beautiful, diverse, and culturally rich place. It's impossible to see the entire country in one visit (or even two or three!), Although with a little planning and foresight, you can cross off many places from your list of places to visit in America.


Traveling alone means taking into account factors such as security, language barrier, and transportation, even more than you would if you are traveling with other people. As a solo traveler, it is important to choose destinations where you can feel comfortable and carefree.


To help you make the most of your time in America, we've established the best places for solo travelers. We hope they inspire you to keep coming back again and again!


San Francisco , California


With excellent public transportation, tons of hostel options, and more attractions than you'll ever know what to do with, San Francisco can't be off the die-before-death list of every traveler in America. The Bay area is wonderful and full of natural beauty, and that natural beauty is perfectly complemented by the noise and cultural hustle and bustle of the city. Eat something at any of the local cafes or bars, try a yoga or meditation class, or listen to live music! San Francisco is quaint, multicultural, and expensive, but it's worth it.

When in the Bay area, consider taking a day trip to Yosemite National Park. It is a full-day excursion but at the same time a must for any nature lover. San Francisco is also a perfect starting point for a tour of the Pacific Coast Highway. Rent a car and see the rest of California along some of America's most impressive coastal routes.

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Las Vegas, Nevada


At first, you wouldn't think that a city full of twinkling lights and neon nightlife is a great place to travel alone, but think about it for a second! Las Vegas is amazing to travel alone given the number of things there is to see and do in it (do you like to see shows and concerts?), The tons of people to meet (who are usually in a great mood) and tons of places to stay.

This celebrated party town is filled with buses that make travel easy, and from cinemas to clubs to casinos, you won't be bored in the city that never sleeps. Everyone there is looking to have a good time, so chances are you will make good friends along the way!


New Orleans, Louisiana


This city, affectionately abbreviated NOLA, may be known for the noisy Bourbon Street and the madness of the Mardi Gras carnival. However, there is a rich and fascinating cultural history that is worth discovering. Traveling alone to NOLA is easy because the city is so accessible, and there are many good hostel and hotel options for visitors. It is also very easy to get around the city on foot, or by tram or bus. And since there are always a lot of people hanging around, you never feel alone.

For entertainment, you can learn about the reigning duel and the lingering impact of the centuries-old influence of France and Spain. Or immerse yourself in local voodoo and witchcraft practices. Moving between attraction and attraction, you will walk through the cemeteries of the Garden District and the French Quarter, and don't forget to stop on the tour to taste the famous beignets and po'boys of NOLA.


Seattle, Washington


This major metropolitan center of the Pacific Northwest offers neighborhoods of distinctive reputations, food from cultures from around the world, incredible museums, and beautiful public parks. If you are a fan of live music, Seattle will be a comforting experience for you: Stop at any bar or venue and feel the music, from jazz to rock, punk to metal, baroque to blues, and almost every night. of the week. Public transportation in Seattle is easy to use and will help you get anywhere you want to go.

Even better, it is very common for people to dine or attend a musical show in Seattle alone, so there is no need to hesitate or feel uncomfortable during your travels. The boardwalk and city are safe to walk alone at night, and as Seattle is a major city for visitors from all over the world, you'll find plenty of hostel and hotel options to complete your stay.


Boston, Massachusetts


In the northeast corner of America, you'll find the oldest and historically richest city in the country - Boston! Steeped in colonial history, Boston has winding, cobblestone streets dating back to the 17th century, when settlers discovered America and made it their home. Centuries later, Boston is a very easy city to get around both on foot and by public transportation, and it's packed with things every solo traveler wants to do.

Spend an afternoon walking the Freedom Trail and reading every bit of history the tour offers. Or walk to Cambridge and visit the iconic Harvard University. If it's summer, you can take a ferry to Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard to experience New England beach culture and small-town charm. Tip: If you like seafood, try the clam chowder in Boston. It will change your life.

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