How to Build and Secure Online Glassdoor’s Reputation?

Let's look into the concept of Online Reputation Management (ORM) and how to optimum the use of Glassdoor as a platform for the same.

What is ORM?

ORM is an Online Reputation Management. It includes combining traditional marketing strategies and establishing public relations using Search Engine Marketing. It works like a safeguard for your organization to protect your brand reputation from online negative exposure. To protect your reputation it manages the online reviews and search engine results. It not just consists of taking note of the social conversations, but also responding to the received comments and routine interaction with your online audience, so as to influence their opinions in favor of your brand. 


Why is ORM Unavoidable?


Sidelining the importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM) can have a direct impact on the quality of experience of your customers. Google happens to take this very seriously, and the search engine can penalize your website for the same. Following are the some reason to look into ORM


  • Online brand reputation management done in a correct manner, can improve the ranking of your website and lead to business growth.  
  • According to a recent report published on a Search engine land, at least 86% of customers ardently believe in shopping from brands having positive online reviews.  
  • At least 88% buyers check online about the product they intend to purchase, says a study published on PYMNTS.  
  • Nearly 42% of brands in the world believe in monitoring their online reputation every day.  
  • More than 70% of brands believe in in-house ORM services to manage their reputation on the internet. 

What Factors Come Under ORM?


ORM primarily constitutes of the following, 


  • Rebuild customer relationships through service recovery for the unhappy/dissatisfied customers  
  • Direct communication with the customers to convert the dissatisfied ones into satisfied ones.  
  • Get to know the expectations of your customers, so as to serve them better  
  • Create and increase brand awareness through initiating a dialogue with your customersThat says it all!  


Amongst the various platforms that can be used for effective ORM, Glassdoor is a trusted and widely recognized one. Especially for the employers. The huge number of employers have a presence on Glassdoor. Glassdoor is one of the world's leading job and recruiting sites, allowing you to promote your firm by creating a profile for it, responding to reviews, and so on. It offers a database of interview questions and reviews, company reviews, ratings, salaries insights etc. Visitors (employees, interviewees etc.) can contribute and share their real-time experiences in the form of reviews. Be it negative or positive. This obviously would and does attract those who are in search of a job…..Some related stats….. 


  • As many as 86% of the aspirants are likely to go through company reviews and ratings prior to applying.  
  • 65% of Glassdoor users form an opinion about a particular employer only after reading a minimum of 5 reviews. 


Wish to secure and build your reputation? IBRANDtech, your trusted ORM partner, has the answer. 


How to get the Best ORM Model?


IBRANDtech brings to you, an exclusive and dedicated Glassdoor ORM model based on the needs of your business. It involves profile creation and building, transformation and management of reviews, positive brand and perception building and all that is required. Complete online reputation management of your brand. 


Be assured that with us, your online reputation is in safe hands. 


Looking forward to associating with you.

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